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We work together with the best craftsman in town. Together we look for ways to be part of the solution to climate change. Transparency in our company is very important and it's our job to inform you about what we do to ensure we continue to keep improving the sustainability of every aspect in our business. 

Our product
Zaya Jewellery works together with craftsman who meets the European Union's REACH regulations. The REACH regulations aims to restrict hazardous substances such as nickel, lead and cadmium in all parts of jewellery.

Stones & materials
It's important to us that the materials we use come from a good place: ethical sourcing is something that we're very committed to. To make sure that our materials are conflict free, we work with lab-grown diamonds. Our synthetic diamonds have the same chemical composition and properties as natural diamonds.

We aim to create designs which are made to last for decades to come. Helping you maximise your wear and support conscious consumption. That's why we also aim to produce high-quality jewelry, so you can wear your items for years.