Zaya stands for ‘a victorious woman’. The feeling that we want to give our customers when wearing our items. We believe that we can feel victorious without having to pay the jackpot for it. Luxurious pieces that give you that confident ‘va-va-voom’ feeling. And so, we decided to design and create jewellery for all victorious women all over the world.


Zaya Jewellery is founded in 2018 in the Netherlands and was soon ready to take over the world. To assure that confident feeling without having to pay to much for it, we create high quality gold and silver plated items and offer free shipping. Our design team aims to create designs which are made to last for decades to come.


As we strive for a ‘victorious woman’ feeling for every woman all over the world, we start by the process from designing to creating, to your doormat. We respect and empower women in the workplace every single day in the strive towards gender equality. 73% of our jewellery creators are female. We hope you like wearing your items as much as we enjoy creating it for you.



Lois (founder) and team Zaya Jewellery