Zaya ears: Miah & Kerry's earparty

Ouh la la! Zaya Ears is all about YOUR earparty! The face (or ears, in this case) behind the customers! You inspire us, so why not post about you and your earparty to spread the word?! Today's post is about Miah and Kerry: chances are big that you have seen them before in our Instagram stories or posts. As you might now, we love to chat with our customers, and we recently found out that these girls are friends!! How fun is that. We just HAD to do this Zaya earpost about them together!

Kerry is 21, half Thai-Scottish and was born and raised in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. She was 17 years old when she decided to made the move to the Netherlands to study for her bachelors. She told us it's one of the most difficult yet most rewarding decisions she has ever made, as she had to deal with being home-sick and independent in the Netherlands since she left her family, friends, dog, cat and the awesome Thai food back in Thailand. However, from this experience she got to meet some of her lifelong friends and boyfriend, is closer with her Scottish side of the family and learned a lot about herself in a way that she'd never been able to if she stayed back at home. She's super proud now that she looks back to her achievements and how she's still able to challenge herself to do more at this moment in time. 

Miah is 22 years old and is from Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to Rotterdam in the Netherlands when she was 15 and graduated high school there before studying New Media Design in Tilburg. Miah loves to travel the world during her weekends. During the week she writes about it on her blog, where we learned that her hobbies include drinking coffee, complaining about her lack of sleep and laughing at her own puns so you don't have to ;). (Really, I think we all have a little Miah in us lol). 

So let's learn more about these powerful girls!

Their styles: 
Kerry her style is to dress comfort while being trendy, girly, fun and sometimes sophisticated. Most of the times she wears neutral colors (white, brown, baby pink, grey) but she also wears some odd colors like hot pink, bright green, pastel, purple and more. She likes to mix it up from time to time because she finds being too predictable a bit boring.  
Miah changes her style often: she loves wearing long skirts and mini dresses, but she also loves mom jeans and crop t-shirts with strappy black heels. Miah mostly shops secondhand to look for unique items that she can dress up or wear casually.

Their style icons:
her style icons are Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Zendaya: she loves how effortless their outfits look.
Kerry has many style icons, she thinks many of the Instagram influencers add to what she likes and what she don't likes. Her top 5 style icons are @hangtw, @mimi_furu, @camillakittivat, @elaisaya and @rebeccavanhove.

Quotes to live by:
'Do more of what makes you happy'
Miah: 'What's coming will come and we'll meet it when it does. It's from Harry Potter and I think that sums life up perfectly'

How do they style their Zaya earrings?
never buys Zaya earrings as a set, she loves individual pieces and styles them with earrings she already has, or, she mixes Zaya pieces together!
Kerry typically likes wearing Silver earrings as it highlights her olive skin tone, but sometimes she also feels like wearing Gold earrings as well to bring out something distinctive in her style. Ordinarily, she tends to coordinate the same metal color together when she wears her earrings. As for the shape of the earrings: she likes wearing the drop earrings low, and likes to wear the stud earrings at the top since she has three piercings on each ear. 'It's a bit like a wild earparty to be honest since there are all shapes and sizes of earrings worn on my ear'.

Insta page:

      Kerry's ear     &              Miah's ear
Kerry's earparty 

Products they used:
Phanessa & the secret earring that's coming soon.
Miah: Large Shiny Snake (back in stock soon) 


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