Where your jewellery is made

Where your jewellery is made

ZAYA stands for a victorious woman. The feeling we like to give our customers once they wear our jewelry. We believe that everyone may feel like a victorious woman without paying top prices. Partly for this reason we offer high quality jewelry at a low price, free worldwide shipping and a 3-month warranty.  

We understand that quality of your jewelry is important, but we at Zaya Jewellery find it even more important that our jewelry is made in a good environment in an honest way.It was a long search for a factory that would perfectly match our values, but our search has paid off. We would like to tell you more about the place where your jewelry comes from, so you can wear it with pleasure and pride! 

Your jewellery is made in Thailand, with a lot of care, a big smile and lots of love.

The employees work 8 hours a day including 1 hour break. Training programs, paid overtime, year-end bonuses and paid time off are of course included. Besides good conditions for the employees, the factory also chooses to do its best for the environment. Something we at Zaya Jewellery find extremely important. This manifests itself in: 

 - The stones in your jewelry: All stones and materials come from a good place. This means we use lab-grown diamonds to make sure they don't come from conflict zones. These diamonds are almost indistinguishable from real diamonds.   

 - Our designs: The Zaya Jewellery design team creates jewelry that can be worn for every occasion. No seasonal or trending jewelry. Our jewelry can be worn anytime, even several years from now. Both in quality (if you take good care of it) and in design.  

Besides this, a part of the production costs goes to charity. Part of the money you pay for your jewelry goes indirectly to Foundation for Children (FFC), local hospitals and Training Centers for blind women in Sampran. In addition, the factory has a community pantry outside its building so that people in need can get necessities such as water, eggs, fish and basic medication.

We at Zaya Jewellery are proud to share this with you and hope to give you an additional insight of the factory where your jewelry is made. Whether you buy from us or somewhere else, we encourage you to always check out what you're buying from.