Behind the scenes: our jewellery production

Our Instagram EXPLODED with DM's after we shared some behind the scenes photo's of our jewellery production. Most of you were extremely curious about our production process: this post is all about it!

At Zaya Jewellery, we value high quality. It all starts with the base: all of our designs are brass based and have two gold plated layers on top of it, this gives our items the luxurious look and quality!

Starting with our designs: 
We brainstorm a lot about coming designs (and a collection in this case) at our HQ. After we came up with new designs, we send them to our craftsman. They create a 3D design for us, based on our drawings et voila! After a few samples, it's time for the real deal: the big production

The production:
We already told you we value high quality, but seriously, we reaaaally do. All of our items are handmade by true craftsman and made to perfection! Our craftsman are working extremely hard and precise to create the best items for you.


After production:
After all items are created to perfection they get shipped to our HQ. Let us tell you: we're always extreeeemely excited and happy to see our new products! Our team gets busy with shooting the product pictures and uploading all the items. After this, it's ready to be ordered and shipped out to you!

Team Zaya Jewellery

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